LEd downlights Melbourne!

Eco lighting systems for domestic and commercial property's, we can supply install energy efficient lighting to suit your budget, browse our site for competitive led downlight solutions.

With electricity price rises every year and halogen downlight on going maintenance, LED lighting has become an effective way to overcome these challenges. United Electrical Services has a team of electricians ready to offer their eco friendly energy saving lighting tips and help save you money and friendly to our environment. We have the ability to supply and install your LEd lighting for you home and office, servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. When we conduct an energy audit we have found that 30% of energy usage in summer is associated to lighting usage and in the winter months this percentage increases to 70 lighting costs. So take advantage of LEd lighting today and start to enjoy the benefits.

About LEd downlights

  • 1 Do led downlights help to save on energy costs ?
    Absolutely, there is a saving of up to 80% when you install led lighting and this will help reduce electricity costs. This can be helpful in the long winter months when natural light is limited.
  • 2 Do 240 volt(GU10) LED Downlights require separate drivers?
    No, GU10 led downlights have all the control gear in the compact led light bulb.
  • 3 Which LEd Warm White or Cool White do I buy?
    LEd lamps come in warm white and cool white/daylight/ it really is a personal preference decision , warm white led's are the same as halogen light bulbs in color shade, and cool white tends to be used out doors and is similar to fluorescent lighting.
  • 4 Will the LED light bulb work with existing dimmers?
    No, there are different LEd bulbs that do work with different light dimmers these tend to be more expensive, and you really need to speak to an electrician to properly find a comparable LEd bulb to be used for dimming, a lot of dimming issues have flickering and not a constant light with buzzing noises.

Lamp Replacement LEd Light Bulbs

LEd lighting replacement service, choosing the right LEd lamp to replace your existing light fitting can get tricky, it can be an expensive exercise and time consuming if you make the wrong decision. United Electrical Services are installing and replacing lamps in homes and offices all around Melbourne, so if you don't feel confident to replace your existing lighting contact us today for a quote.

Featured LED Lighting Kit

LEd Kit: Energy saving LEd downlight kit
Economy non-dimmable 240 volt eco friendly downlight kit, this led downlight comes in daylight and warm white lamp colors.

NON Dimmable - Gu10 LED white downlight kit

Dimmable: Dimmable commercial grade
An excellent choice for domestic / commercial installations, suited for difficult access situations, this LED comes with 55,000 hours of reliable led usage.

XL-LED Performance LED Fixed/Gimbal Kit -White